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Then you came to the right place!! I am forever trying to find new and creative ways for saving money, making money and to stop wasting money. Consider me an Excel nerd – love working on our budget. I literally work on tracking our spending and savings every day! (My family and friends think I am nuts – but to each her own, right?) However, over the past several years, I have drastically improved mine and my husband’s credit scores, paid down debt and even bought my grandparent’s house! I love using credit card reward points and cash back apps … nothing beats free money! Stay tuned for blogs on what we did with our free money!!

Piccy Penny - Saving Money

Starting out with tons of credit card debt in my early college years to where I am today, I have learned so many little tricks. Having received countless good (and bad) advice over the years, I have decided to share with you what works best for me. Mind you, I am no expert!! What works for me, may not work for you. Consulting a professional is always your best bet.

If you love saving money, please check out my blogs in this section. Here I will offer my personal tips and tidbits so you can stop wasting money and start enjoying it more!



On a Side Note:

I also have a special place in my heart for shelter dogs. In fact, I have an entire section dedicated just to them! Whether you have a rescue or are interested in fostering or adopting – please check out my All About Dogs Page. Some of my blogs here are anecdotal and others dedicated to helping with certain rescue dog issues, such as separation anxiety. Again, I am no expert. I learn mostly by trial and error with my own rescues. Again, please refer to a veterinary professional in any medical issues with your furbabies! But feel free to read about my experiences!

Rescue Dogs

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