My Favorite Cash Back Apps

As a self-proclaimed personal finance nerd, I love saving money! One of the ways I save money is by earning more. Rewards, cash back, and surveys are just some ways I make free cash! Here are some of my favorite apps! I will add more along the way and please feel free to let me know about your favorites! (This page may contain affiliate and/or referral links.)


Ebates: I LOVE Ebates! I get cash back on things I am ALREADY BUYING! That is definitely free cash! They also have coupon deals and double cash back days! They are partnered with over 2000 stores and even offer some in-store deals! Link your favorite rewards credit card and score cash back on your purchases. This is how I make a lot of money back on my pet needs – Petco has in-store cash back deals! Also, get $10 on them just for signing up and making a qualifying purchase! 


Swagbucks:  This is more than just cash back! It has the same participating stores, hotels, and restaurants as Dosh but you have other options to earn rewards, such as surveys and watching videos! The currency here is time, but instead of playing Candy Crush (recently tried and damn am I addicted!) take a survey or two and earn rewards that you can redeem for gift cards to your favorite stores! You can also earn cash back when you buy gift cards through their site! 


Be Frugal:  Get guaranteed top cash back at over 5000 stores! They offer free coupons, promo codes, and deals. Plus get $10 bonus when you earn just $25 in 90 days. Sweet deal!


Ibotta:   With this cash back app, you can scan receipts or link your favorite rewards credit card. You can even make in-app purchases on your phone! My favorite part is this app earns you cash back on alcohol too! 


I recently discovered Walmarts Savings catcher and Kellog’s Family Rewards. I will add these once I have used them and see if they are good money savers! If you have any favorites you want me to add – please feel free to email me! 

jdabal (at) thepiccypenny (dot) com

Happy Savings!

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