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In addition to rescuing, my husband and I share a passion for woodworking. We have a workshop that we love to spend time in, designing custom handmade designs from reclaimed wood. Please feel free to visit our Etsy store at Dabal Design Co and we would be happy to customize your next rustic decor piece!

See something online that you want, but don’t have the tools or the know how? Send us a picture! We will be happy to work with you on designing your perfect home decor piece.
Everything you see on our page is custom made to order using reclaimed wood. As such, you may notice slight variations in color, texture, nail holes, knicks or other imperfections in the wood. This is its rustic charm! We hand pick each piece of wood and sand it down to the best of our ability without destroying any of the natural wood beauty. ** Not responsible for splinters **

You choose your wood finish and dimension requirements and we design the rest!


Check Out Some of Our Custom Handmade Designs


Wood Centerpiece w-Mason Jars


Mason Jar Centerpiece Designs


These planter boxes are perfect for centerpieces! They can be individual boxes or combined.




Necklace Holder


Necklace Holders


Every woman needs a fun way to hang their jewelry!! Try this custom handmade holder, made with reclaimed wood and decorative metal knobs. Great for necklaces and bracelets!




Organize Your Bills


Bill Holders

A perfect way to get your money game organized! Check out this handmade bill holder! Small baskets for ‘To File’ and ‘To Pay’ on chalkboard signs – so you can customize how you want.




Dog Leash Holder

Leash Holders

This is perfect for your dog’s leash and a convenient poop bag holder. This is stained with a chalkboard paint so that you can write your dog(s) names on it and make it completely personal and unique!





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