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Do you love dogs??

Then you came to the right place!! My husband and I love dogs. Our very first rescue was in 2011. You can read all about Milkbone here! We had quite the adventure with him!  We recently adopted our newest guy – Duke. He is a staffy mix and has just about the biggest head you can imagine!

If you love dogs … this section is for you. Here you can find blogs about dogs, as well as some tips and tidbits for dealing with rescues and some of their issues. There is also information and links to donate to my favorite rescues Bully Rescue Warriors and 11th Hour Rescue. 

Some of my blogs here are anecdotal and others dedicated to helping with certain rescue dog issues, such as separation anxiety. Note, I am no expert. I learn mostly by trial and error with my own rescues. Please refer to a veterinary professional with any medical issues with your furbabies! But please feel free to read about my experiences!

Rescue Dogs

On a Side Note:

If you love saving money, please check out my Saving Money section. Here I will offer my personal tips and tidbits so you can stop wasting money and start enjoying it more!

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