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About Me

Hey everyone! I am Jenn Dabal and I started The Piccy Penny Blog. What is the Piccy Penny? Well, for starters, my maiden name is Piccolo and our family nickname is Piccy. Being that I am a bit of a personal finance nerd … hence the name.

Now that you know how I got the name for my blog – you might be wondering what it is all about. Well, I believe that life should be enjoyed! Finances play a big part in this. Despite being laid off from my dreadful 9-5, I am continually finding new ways to make money, save money and pay off what little debt we have without incurring any more!  I focus this lifestyle blog on my money saving tips and tidbits, determined that a simplistic approach to personal finance will help others achieve their financial goals. I understand that it is not a one size fits all box! There is a lot of information out there on saving money and getting out of debt. However, not everyone has the same financial knowledge. What works for some may not work for others! I have a lot of money know-how and I am also sometimes stuck. I will share with you my own tips and tidbits as well as my total fails.

Additionally, I am a huge advocate for rescue dogs. I support several local shelters and am constantly looking for new ways to help fur parents with common shelter dog issues. My goal is to focus more attention on fostering and adopting animals.

I started this blogging journey when I lost my office job. Every day I continue to be inspired by fellow bloggers and truly believe that I can help people with their financial goals! Just recently, I got my first freelance financial job. Someone hired me to help fix their finances! This is absolutely what I love to do! I know so many people that are stuck. It is amazing to me just how many myths there are regarding personal finance! I want to change people’s views on money! It may be boring to a lot of people – let’s face it not many of my friends are Excel freaks like me! Especially when it comes to budgeting! And yes, I still use the old-fashioned budget methods. I know there are many apps out there but let’s face it – I am a bit old school! Check out my article on Xennials and see what I mean! 

In my short journey so far, I have accomplished a lot! For example, Dyer News recently featured one of my articles in their Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month for both November and December.



Here is some of my favorite work:

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Aside from my passion for writing, I am also a virtual assistant with over 20 years office administration and project management experience.  My knowledge and skills would be a valuable asset to any team. If you are interested in a virtual assistant or are looking for a quality content writer, please email me: 

 jdabal (at) thepiccypenny (dot) com.

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Each week I will post a new blog. Something money or dog related – or BOTH!  And occasionally, I will hold challenges and give away some freebies! 

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Thank you and Happy Reading!

Jenn Dabal – The Piccy Penny

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