Financial Karma

Financial Karma

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Karma? Is there such a thing? What about financial karma?

Karma, is essentially, cause and effect.  Derived from Sanskrit, it can basically be summed up as what you put out, you get back. 

So What Are You Putting Out?

Do you have good financial karma? Sometimes it is easy to blame the Universe for our so-called bad luck. But is it really our past actions coming back in the form of punishment versus reward? 

These are definitely some things to ponder. Are you a giving person? Do you believe in “Pay it Forward”? 

Perhaps many of our money troubles are indeed karmic. Perhaps as a child, you stole from a store. In turn, as an adult maybe something is stolen from you. Coincidence or karmic justice? 

Are you always looking for freebies and shortcuts? Perhaps in your career, this can manifest as low pay or being denied a raise.

Karmic Debt

Karmic debt – what you owe the Universe in terms of repayment. Do you have a lot of ‘bad luck’ when it comes to saving money, paying off debt, cutting expenses or increasing your net worth? May seem silly, but perhaps it is worth a second look. Think about your actions when it comes to money. Are you stingy when it comes to donating to charity? Are you the person that gives his or her last dollar to a homeless person or are you claiming to not have anything to help and in turn justifying to yourself – ‘they are only going to buy drugs with it anyway’.

I am in no way telling you how to spend your money, merely asking you to take another look at your money moves. Perhaps you can create positive karma and change your luck.

Maybe there is no such thing and it is all random. Some people are simply born lucky. Having life hand them everything, while another suffers in poverty struggling to find food, shelter, even water. Is it random and cruel? Or is it karmic retribution? 

Just some financial food for thought.

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