5 Awesome Pet Saving Hack$

5 Awesome Pet Saving Hack$

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How can you save money on your pets? We all know that our furry friends cost money. We love them dearly and honestly don’t know how to live without them.

So here are 5 awesome ways to save money on our pets.


Pet Saving Hack # 1

Create a pet budget. (Ugh, the ugly B word again.) But if you want to save money, you need to understand where that money is coming from and going to. So suck it up and sit down for a few minutes and just do it. Track what you need on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis for your furry friends. Once you understand the regular costs, you will have a much better idea how you can cut those costs. 

Next, create an emergency pet fund. Once you have tracked all of your pet-related expenses you can see what your pet needs are and where you can save some dollars. Those extra dollars can then go to an emergency fund. 

If you beloved fur baby suddenly needs medical attention, having a dedicated pet emergency fund will save you from adding to a credit card balance that can lead to more interest. 

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Bonus Tip – Invest in pet insurance – if possible. This can also help cut down on any unexpected expenses.



Pet Saving Hack # 2

Just like us, our pets need medical attention from time to time. These vet visits can get very expensive! One way to try to combat these extra costs are preventative measures. Wellness visits every year to ensure they are maintaining a healthy weight and to make sure they do not have any major health issues. 

Regular visits and routine shots can help offset any future medical bills. You keep up with your vitals, do the same for them!

Bonus Tip – Try 3-year vaccinations instead of 1!



Pet Saving Hack # 3

What you feed your pet is crucial to maintaining their health and weight. Be sure to research what is in their food. Many pet stores carry common varieties of dog (and cat!) food. But just because they sell it, does not mean it is good for your furry friends! Poor diet and nutrition can lead to a whole host of medical issues (See Hack # 2). Don’t be afraid to get the more expensive food. In the long run, it could save you more. Remember to read all labels!!

Additionally, you can opt to make your own food and treats. There are tons of recipes online for all natural delectable treats. By making your own food, you know it is healthy! 

Bonus Tip – Always read labels!! Do not be fooled by gimmick words like “Natural” and “Wild”. Manufacturers are very clever with their advertising. 


Pet Saving Hack # 4

Try combining loyalty programs, reward credit cards, coupons and Ebates for added savings. Many manufacturers send out newsletters and by subscribing you can snag some great offers and exclusive coupons! Additionally, a lot of pet stores have loyalty programs. By signing up you can enjoy extra savings and sales.

If you have a rewards credit card – use it on your pet supplies. The rewards can often translate into cash back or gift cards depending on the type of rewards card.

Bonus Tip – Sign up for Ebates! Get $10 instantly and cash back at pet stores like Petco, simply by linking your rewards credit card!


Pet Saving Hack # 5


Don’t waste money on expensive toys! Most of our pets would much prefer to play with you! And when you are not able to play with them, often fun can be had with simple things like empty plastic bottles or toilet paper rolls! My dog loves playing with plastic bottles. They make their own amusement and do not need every fancy toy the store sells. Pick and choose the best value for the toys. You can even try swapping out a couple of your pet’s favorites. Even an old toy can be new again.

Bonus Tip – Always be careful when giving your pets plastic bottles. Trow away the cap! And take away any broken pieces for those aggressive chewers (like mine!) Safety First!


We love our pets but they can be expensive. Try some of these awesome pet saving hacks and see how much you can save on your furry friends!

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