Their Christmas Wish

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”Twas the night before Christmas and … well, we all know the rest. But this story isn’t about the children all snug in their beds. This story is about the countless animals sitting in shelters waiting for Their Christmas Wish.

But they don’t know it is Christmas. There are no visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads. No sweet dreams of presents waiting to be opened under a bright sparkly tree. Instead, cold hard slabs of concrete are where they lay their heads and only one dream that is shared by them all. They wait patiently, wishing for their furever family. And as we shower our children and furbabies with gifts, tears fill my eyes as I think about those animals that don’t have a home or peoples of their own.

The Challenge

This year, I was given a tremendous opportunity to take part in a Do Good for Christmas Challenge. Hosted by Rockstar Finance, I was one of 20 bloggers to receive a donation of $100. The only rule was that I had to ‘Do Good’.  Immediately, I knew where that money was going! A cause so close to my heart, it is a regular feature on my blog. Rescuing Dogs.

Their Christmas Wish - Stuff Their Stockings


Each year 11th Hour Rescue (EHR) holds a ‘Fill Their Stockings’ event. One of my favorite volunteers (who just happens to be my rescue dog Duke’s foster mom and literal life savior) makes it a point to visit and spend time with each of the dogs. She recently confessed to me that she laughs and sings and dances with them. Even though they don’t know or understand Christmas, she tries to make sure they are all happy and loved.



Do Good for the DogsSo as a dog lover and proud rescuer, I took my $100 and bought as many toys and treats as I could. I drove the hour up to the rescue so excited to share my goodies with the pups. I knew it wasn’t much, but I knew it would at least make the dogs happy. There is no act too small in the eyes of animals. Their unconditional love is boundless (and contagious).


The Donation

The day I dropped off my donations, a man came in. He said he passes EHR every day and felt compelled to stop. He didn’t have much but wanted to share what he could because he too was rescued by a dog. Here is his story as it was told to me:

One day he went to a [different] shelter looking to adopt. A dog walking with a volunteer saw the man and immediately took to him, breaking loose from his leash to run into his arms. Instant love. The man said he had his troubles with addiction and living on the streets. He was told this dog was also homeless and had been found running alone fending for himself. Smitten as he was, the man was not sure if he was really ready yet. As he turned to leave, he opened his car door and the dog broke loose again and jumped right into his car! The man turned and said, “I guess he is ready to come home with me”.

He went on to tell the EHR volunteers how his dog, this sweet loving blue-nosed pit that picked him, was his best friend in the whole world. His dog saved him and continues to support him in his battle with addiction.


The man didn’t have much but he wanted to help other dogs; give them a chance to someday save someone else. He handed over $20 and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and thanked them for what they do.

Every volunteer has their own reason for doing what they do. Their love of animals and their passion and dedication to these furry souls is what drives them. They sometimes lose their jobs and even risk their marriages, all in the name of love. Thank You. What you do matters.


Who Really Rescues Who?

Along with these generous people, there are countless stories of dogs saving humans. They find us when we need them the most and they teach us what love really means. Some of these dogs (and cats) come from horrific backgrounds. Yet, it never seems to hinder their spirits. They just keep on loving.

I recently read somewhere the most beautiful words. Apologies, I cannot properly acknowledge the author but it sort of went like this:

“God sent angels down to earth in the form of dogs with notes saying, “Don’t judge … just love.” The dogs ate the notes … but they keep trying to deliver the message anyway.”

Dogs Find Us. They are selfless and giving, innocent and full of love. They deserve some back. So this Christmas, Do Good and maybe help a shelter dog get Their Christmas Wish.

Please consider adopting, fostering or donating … a shelter pet is waiting to find you.

Happy Howlidays!!!! (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

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