Who Rescued Who ?

Who Rescued Who ?

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MilkboneThis is Milkbone. Milkbone was left. That’s what we were told. Abandoned and left to fend for himself. Six months old and wandering the streets of Jersey City. Then finally he was rescued. But really condemned. The Liberty Humane Society took him in … only to want to put him down. ‘No room at the inn’. If not for a caring volunteer, MB … would not be.

His life was spared. Sort of

He was sentenced to a life in a shelter. A wonderful no-kill shelter but a kennel nonetheless, surrounded by other ‘left’, and worse, abused dogs. Milkbone undoubtedly had abandonment issues.

Three years. Almost two chances. Taken into a home. Twice.  Only to be returned. Twice. Because he wasn’t perfect. Because he had ISSUES.

  • Abandonment Issues. (Hard to imagine why)
  • Separation Anxiety.
  • He pooped in the house.
  • He didn’t always play nice with others. (Hell, neither do I sometimes.)

He has had a home now for over a year. Food, every night. A warm bed, every night. Love, every night … and day.

He still doesn’t always play with his toys. Sometimes I wonder if he understands that they are his toys.

Occasionally, he still poops in the house.

He still panics when we go out. He claws at the doorframe leaving pieces of paint and wood chips on the carpet. Undoubtedly, he is still afraid that we will never come back.

Milkbone in his thunder shirt

He is terrified of thunder. And fireworks. And the vacuum.  Really, all loud noises.  That is why he wears a thunder shirt (aka his daddy’s tee shirt) for ‘protection’.

He won’t go in the bathtub if there is water in it.  He desperately tries to avoid puddles and huddles under your umbrella.

There are days when he is a ‘bad boy’.

There are days when I get angry and frustrated. Because he isn’t perfect. Not always.

But then he looks at me with such love and affection. I swear you can see it in his eyes.Mommy and Milkbone

Thank you.’

Thank you for loving me. Even when I don’t understand. When I’m scared. When I do bad things and I’m not a ‘good boy’.’

‘Please don’t stop loving me. I won’t ever stop loving you.’


And he isn’t always bad. MB has manners. He waits for permission to get up onto the couch, never digs through the garbage or goes after food left out. Dogbert is smart and tries hard to learn new tricks. He loves all of his ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’. All of his ‘people’ and is friendly with new people too. Everyone HAS to become his friend. Milkbone lives for his ‘grandpa walks’ and humping his grandma. He is learning. He is amazing.

Milkbone tattoo


I got my first tattoo the other night. 34 years old. I SWORE I would never. But then he found me and everything changed.

He rescued me.





Sadly our beloved MB has since crossed over his Rainbow Bridge.

He fought a courageous battle with cancer and ultimately we had to make the hardest decision of our lives. We broke our own hearts to spare him any more pain. We will never forget him and everything he taught us. He lives on in our hearts … always. <3

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