I Got Laid Off … Now What?

I Got Laid Off … Now What?

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So .. I got laid off. It happens.    Sh*t Happens

Truth be told it was the best thing that could have happened. I hated the 9-5 routine. I spent so much time away from home working tirelessly making someone else rich, while I was miserable and barely surviving paycheck to paycheck. One day I went to work and surprise surprise … my position was being eliminated. Wait, what?

What Do I Do Now?

How could this happen?   What was I supposed to do now?   Would my husband be mad?   What happens to my 401k money? Are we going to lose the house?

All of these questions ran through my mind all at once. To say it was an emotional day would be an understatement. As I began to pack up my desk and walk out for the last time, a sudden feeling of freedom overcame me. I was free! I hated what I was doing and now I don’t have to do it!

With a world full of possibilities, I settled into my new life. Sleeping in, staying up late, binge-watching my favorite shows and finally having time to really clean and organize my home the way I want it.

Laundry Done


Exactly a week and a half later, I was all done.


I cleaned everywhere! Not a single load of laundry needed to be washed. All of our blankets were clean – even our coats!


I caught up on all of my shows. All of my little projects: cleaning out all the closets, organizing the pictures on my phone and computer and re-arranging the kitchen cabinets … all done.

Now what?

So I sat down and started doing the one thing I NEVER had time for before. Write. I loved writing! I used to do it all the time … ya know before those pesky things called bills and work and life got in the way. Now I have the time and the passion.

So here we are …. welcome to my blog. Happy Reading!!

  • P.S. So my 401k was smoothly transferred into my IRA account and my husband couldn’t be more supportive 🙂

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