Live Your Life

Live Your Life

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The image in the mirror reveals a stranger’s face

A smile creased with wrinkles

Showing the plentitude of years

Memories sealed within your heart

Of times that have gone by

All your life you strive to be

Better than you were

Looking back on all you’ve done

The tears begin to all

A gimmer of a smile

Shines through the glistening tears

As you think of what you have become

And when I’m settled in

To draw in my last breath

My mind recalls the love I had

And not the money I had made

I have struggled and I have lost

But yet so many times I won

Living means but not a thing

If you don’t know how to love

If all your life you strive to be

Better than you are

Then when you die

You know inside you are

Because you lived

And you weren’t just alive


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Jenn Dabal is the owner of The Piccy Penny Blog. Believing that life should be enjoyed, she focuses her lifestyle blog around money saving tips and tidbits. She takes a simplistic approach to personal finance and hopes to help others achieve their financial goals, understanding that it is not a one size fits all box. Additionally, she is very passionate about rescue dogs, supporting several local shelters. Her goal is to help pet parents with common shelter issues and wants to focus more attention on fostering and adopting animals. She is a virtual assistant with over 20 years office administration and project management experience.
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